Appoint Authority Relevant Provision

Appoint Authority Relevant Provision

Article (4) Appointing Authority Procedure

4.1. Where the parties have so agreed, the Centre shall, upon an application by a party, appoint adjudicator(s), arbitrator(s) and/or expert(s) or decide on challenges against such appointment(s) or any challenge in matters that are not otherwise subject to the Rules. In such cases, the procedure shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Rules with any changes that the Centre deems necessary.

4.2. If a challenge has not been raised within 15 days from receipt of the notification of an appointment made under Article 4.1 above, the parties shall be deemed to have expressly agreed to it and any subsequent challenge to a continued appointment shall be submitted as a new application.

4.3. Together with the application, the party shall make payment of the registration fee specified in the Table in force on the date the application is submitted.